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Post Call with Destiny & Arveen

Post Call with Destiny & Arveen

Post Call with Destiny & Arveen


What makes a day off relaxing? The answer is different for everybody, so we’re asking some of the coolest healthcare workers we know—from residents to nurses, med students, and medical assistants—to tell us how they spend their precious time off and hopefully inspiring you to find new and unique ways to spend your own.

Name: Destiny & Arveen 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA & Youngstown, Ohio

Current City: New York, NY


Title: Resident Physicians (and partners)

Typical Post Call Day:

Arveen: On my days off, I like to combine my two favorite activities: biking and eating. I plan out a scenic route to a neighborhood I want to explore, and that route ends at a cute coffee shop. I’ll stop for refreshments and tasty pastries, then get back on my bike to continue my ride. I’ve found this the best way to explore and appreciate the remarkable diversity of NYC.

Destiny: sleep, wake up and eat...then sleep again. As a resident, you can never have too much sleep. On the rare occasion that I'm not playing catch up with sleep, I'll go to a local pole class. 

Complete the Sentence: If I was to do a different job/career, I would be a _________.
Arveen: coffee shop owner
Destiny: professional traveler


 Last Movie You Watched: Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings

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